How to Sabotage Studying

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Release date: May 10, 2020 

Are your study habits working for you? Is your study routine having a positive impact on your grades? Do you only have one way to study and hope that it works?

Learning how to study effectively is a vital skill in high school, but many students struggle to develop the behaviours necessary to make studying useful. As a result, they sabotage learning opportunities and minimize potential grades. 

How to Sabotage Studying: 15 Proven Strategies to Limit Learning and Decrease Grades, reveals 15 common habits that negatively impact studying success for high school students. 

As with the other books in this series, experienced teacher, Melanie Barrett, encourages students to recognize how their own choices and behaviours can impact their high school experience while prompting readers to make personal plans to develop greater direction and focus during their study times.

This is a necessary read if you:

  • are about to start high school

  • are currently in high school

  •  love someone in high school

  • teach high school

Practical and clearly stated, this book provides an awareness that will empower readers to take control of their high school study routine so they can elevate their learning and strive to reach their ambitions.

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