How To Hate High School

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Release date: November 30, 2020

People who tell you they wish they could go back to high school, are either lying or have forgotten how hard it was. But it doesn’t have to be!

High school can be an amazing time of positive experiences, good friends, academic success and personal growth. But by simply falling into certain habits, it can become much less enjoyable than it should be. 

In “How to Hate High School”, seasoned teacher, Melanie Barrett, shares 25 strategies that lead to limited success and decreased happiness during students’ high school journeys.

With her characteristic frankness, she encourages students to recognize how their own choices and behaviours can impact their experience in high school, and prompts them to make a plan to be successful and happy.

This is a must read if you:
• are about to start high school
• are currently in high school
• love someone in high school
• teach high school
• influence young people about high school

Honest and to the point, this book will empower readers to take control of their high school experiences and enjoy the journey, for real.  

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